Mum ‘drowned her baby twins in bath after being kicked out of women’s shelter’

HORRIFIC END ‘Desperate’ mum ‘drowned her twin 10-month baby sons in bathtub hours after she was booted out of women’s refuge’

Heather Langdon faces murder charges after Mason and Maddox Murguia died in California

A MUM has been accused of drowning her twin baby sons in a motel bathroom after she was kicked out of a women’s refuge.

Heather Langdon faces murder charges after 10-month-old Mason and Maddox Murguia died in California on Thursday.

The 37-year-old was taken into custody a day after she was asked to leave a shelter in Tulare for causing a disturbance.

She was reportedly staying at the motel free of charge after being taken there from a women’s refuge.

Langdon had been asked to leave the shelter after allegedly causing a ‘disturbance’.

The alleged incident is reported to have happened on Thursday.

A woman living near the hotel spoke to and claimed that Langdon told her she’d ‘almost drowned her babies’.

Maria Marez said: “She was like ‘I almost drowned them, I almost drowned them’ and then I flagged down the police.

“She kept saying that ‘I almost drowned them, I almost drowned by babies’ and she was trying to help the babies but I didn’t know that they were already deceased.”

Another person living nearby said she saw Langdon later in the evening, claiming that she looked like she was ‘in a daze’.

“She was just standing there looking around – she looked kind of worried like something was wrong,” the witness said.

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Source More Details

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