Nearly 220,000 new Covid cases have been reported in the United Kingdom

Nearly 220,000 new Covid cases have been reported in the United Kingdom

daily confirm The number of Covid cases in the UK has risen to 218,724 in the last 24 hours.

The new data bring the UK total for the past seven days to 1,269,878, up 51% on the previous week. The true number of illnesses is anticipated to be far greater due to the testing program's limitations.

Since early December, the highly transmissible Omicron strain has driven up coronavirus cases. In London and other cities, it quickly swept across the country. The number of daily Covid cases in the UK has tripled since last winter's outbreak triggered by the Alpha variety discovered in Kent.

The official figures continue to be hampered by Christmas and New Year's interruption, with Northern Ireland's data covering four days and Wales' covering two.

However, 148,725 instances were registered in England alone on Tuesday, up from 137,541 the day before but still below the previous high of 162,572 on New Year's Day. The figures exclude reinfections.

In England, there were 15,044 Covid patients in hospitals on Tuesday, up from 9,546 the week before. In Scotland, the number has climbed from 599 to 1,147. Wales and Northern Ireland had no data on Tuesday.
However, due to vaccine and past infection immunity, as well as the variety being milder, daily admissions and bed occupancy have been significantly fewer than last January's peak. On average, 4,500 people were hospitalised with Covid last winter, before extensive vaccinations.
There are early indicators of a decline in cases among those aged 18 to 59 in London. But cases in persons over 60 continue to climb. It's unknown whether the high adoption of Covid boosters will protect these older, more vulnerable patients sufficiently to keep hospital admissions low as Omicron infects them.

The impact of mixing throughout Christmas and New Year is also unknown. Many infections picked up in the last two weeks haven't had time to develop into severe disease and lead to hospitalisations. Authorities are keeping a close eye on London's hospitals, looking for signs of increased hospitalizations among the elderly.

In the 28 days following a positive Covid-19 test, 48 persons died in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The Scottish Covid death figures were not updated. The Office for National Statistics reported that Covid-19 was indicated on 174,000 death certificates in the UK.