Nestlé, the world’s largest food maker and one of the most recognizable household brand, recently shocked the world when a former Chairman of the company blatantly announced, “water shouldn’t be a human right.” Imagine that, a company that’s known for manufacturing baby formula, dog food and bottled drinking water is saying that every human should not have access to drinking water.

This however comes as no surprise because Nestle has long been known for it’s lack of morals. The company was once even recognized as one of the “World’s Most Immoral Companies.” The company gained its reputation due to their immoral practices of deforestation, also their manipulation of uneducated mothers and their depraved bottle water standards. Unfortunately, Nestle’s ruthlessness didn’t stop there. The company recently was embroiled in yet another scandal involving a natural spring in drought-ridden California. The scandal revealed that Nestle “tapped” a natural spring in the state and sold the water to California’s unsuspecting residents.

Also, Nestle hired internet “trolls” to drum up good publicity. These trolls would go on popular chat rooms, message boards and praise Nestle. The trolls would also attack any negative view point discussed about the company. In essence, the company was indulging in false advertising, a serious white-collar crime in certain parts of the world.

Now if you thought these actions were just bad company policies, think again. In a recent video that emerged, former Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe made his twisted feelings known about his views on humanity.

In the video, Letmathe is heard saying that water shouldn’t be a right for every human being and how he endorsed GMO products. If this video don’t wake you up to the evils of big corporate greed I don’t know what will.

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