New Museum of Brexit in Peterborough or Boston

New Museum of Brexit in Peterborough or Boston

The Museum of Brexit will open in either Peterborough or Boston, Lincolnshire, within two years.

The museum's chairman, Lee Rotherham, claimed only two choices remained after 50 sites were “locational researched” across the UK.

The museum is slated to open in late 2023 in either Peterborough or Boston. In the 2016 referendum, Peterborough (61%) and Boston (76%) both voted Leave.

A fundraising event was hosted in London this week, with a donation of “significantly over six figures” already made.

“Each of the 50 potential locations has been placed through a matrix of 14 criteria,” Mr. Rotherham added.

"We finally settled on two buildings in Boston, Lincolnshire, or Peterborough, as the most ideal for our needs. Both buildings would meet the museum's needs for display, archive, and teaching space."

“This enterprise must be financially and historically viable. We are not looking at the next decade, but the next 100.”

The museum will recount the tale of how the UK joined the EU in the 1950s and then left in 2016.

From Brexit to the UK's sovereignty, international commerce and cultural relations, and personal experiences that make this epoch-making time of our history come to life, Mr Rotherham said.

The museum is looking for “items, mementos, collections, archives, letters” to showcase. According to its organisers, it would present a “fair and balanced account of the campaign and what led up to the campaign”.