Next Monday, drivers who flout TfL road rules will face harsher fines

Next Monday, drivers who flout TfL road rules will face harsher fines

TfL has raised fines of £160 for drivers breaking the regulations on London's "red route" highways.

Following an autumn public consultation, fines for infractions on TfL-managed roads will increase from £130 on January 17.

Blocking a yellow box junction, parking in loading bays, or driving in bus lanes can result in fines.

TfL claims the additional fines will improve road safety, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Red routes handle 30% of all traffic in London and account for 37% of all road deaths.

Red routes pollute 57% more than normal roads.

The TfL director of compliance, police, operations, and security Siwan Hayward said: “Compliance on the Transport for London Road Network is crucial in achieving these priorities.

Uncompliance undermines London's air quality, safety, traffic and congestion. Increasing the fines for traffic violations will dissuade drivers and improve the network's safety and dependability.

Fines paid within 14 days of issuance are reduced to £80, but those not paid within 28 days are charged £240.

While TfL claims the increased penalty charge is “about promoting compliance, not penalising drivers”, the measure could help the transport authority's diminishing revenues.

TfL may earn up to £20 million over two years by boosting red route fines.

The hike was proposed by Green Party London Assembly members in January 2021 as a way to generate revenue for TfL.

But the amendment was defeated.