Nine out of ten ICU patients in London are unvaccinated, according to a doctor in the city

Nine out of ten ICU patients in London are unvaccinated, according to a doctor in the city

Professor Rupert Pearse said doctors are fighting to save those who refused the vaccine.

There are more infections than everywhere else in the country, hence the top doctor works at the Royal London and St Bartholomew's hospitals.

Due to a lack of resources and staffing, Mayor Said Khan had to declare a major incident this week.
Hospitals and other key services are being hit hard by an increase in patients and sick personnel.

Most eligible people in the UK have had two doses, but millions haven't, an issue that is particularly acute in London.

Around half now have a booster, which protects against the Omicron variety.
While the booster campaign frequently exceeds 800,000 daily jabs, Boris Johnson's one million aim remains unmet.

A tendency in the vaccination status of people washing up on Prof Pearse's ward under desperate circumstances was evident.

‘We have between 80 and 90% unvaccinated patients,' he told Today on Radio 4.

‘It's awful that people are vaccine-hesitant, but we understand the reasons and are happy to discuss their concerns.

‘It is without a doubt protecting the population. We don't know how well it will operate with Omicron, but we believe it will have a significant impact, albeit not as significant as prior viral versions.

Boris Johnson has resisted calls from doctors to swiftly impose new limits and relieve the health service.

The cabinet was told Wednesday that hospitalisations could reach 3,000 per day if social separation measures are not reinstated.

Hospitalisations have risen by 30% in just seven days in London, which is further along in the epidemic than the rest of the country.

The prime minister said the government was ‘holding in reserve' the option of changing the rules before Christmas.
‘If you wait for hospital admissions to rise, the opportunity to do anything about it is gone, and harm will be done to our healthcare system,' Prof Pearse responded to Mr Johnson.

‘In London, instances have doubled, and I believe the tsunami of admissions is now.

‘Nationally, hospital admissions haven't risen yet.

‘But we know it's coming and will spread.'