No.10 Crisis: Call for ‘wartime leader’ to replace Boris Johnson

No.10 Crisis: Call for ‘wartime leader’ to replace Boris Johnson

The resignation of a key ally has renewed doubts about the Prime Minister's position following a traumatic few weeks.

M. Ellwood, chairman of the Commons Defence Select Committee, said Mr Johnson's ‘boosterism' will not get him through the current saga.

Lord Frost quit on Saturday night, having previously agreed with Mr Johnson to depart in January.
Lord Frost's resignation was hailed as a ‘watershed moment' for the PM, citing ‘the current direction of travel' and concerns over ‘coercive' Covid measures.

Mr Ellwood said many of his Conservative colleagues wanted ‘a consistency of where we want to go'.

People need to be included, decision-making in No. 10 needs to be changed,' he told Times Radio.

We need a strong No 10, almost like a military leader, and the machinery of No 10 around Boris Johnson needs to be enhanced.

It is not enough to be positive and energetic in these conditions.

In recent weeks, the PM has faced many resignation calls and no confidence letters from Tory MPs to the key 1922 Committee. If 54 do so, he will be voted out.

In an attempt to salvage a Tory MP sanctioned for lobbying violations, Mr Johnson rambled about Peppa Pig World and the Paterson fiasco.
The Conservatives lost a by-election in a safe seat after devastating revelations about Christmas parties in Downing Street – Mr Johnson was accused of lying and breaching Covid restrictions.

Plan B was likewise heavily resisted, with only Labour's support allowing it to pass.

Right-wing Tory ‘Boris has led this country incredibly well,' Bone said on Sunday. But now what? That's what I assume Lord Frost means.

‘I believe that 100 Conservative MPs rebelled because they want the Prime Minister to pursue a more conservative agenda in the future.'
Lord Frost expressed concern about ‘coercive tactics' to manage the coronavirus.

‘I cancelled all in-person meetings and the staff get-together,' Mr Bone added. I won't go to crowded areas, but that's up to each individual, not the state telling me what to do every day.'

Following the recent lockdown party revelations, a picture appeared to show a garden gathering with cheese and wine in Number 10 with the common people under lockdown.

Because ‘we are dealing with an extraordinary global and historic pandemic', the Deputy PM disagrees with Lord Frost.