No. 10 garden “under lockdown” photo shows Boris and up to 17 staffers enjoying wine

No. 10 garden “under lockdown” photo shows Boris and up to 17 staffers enjoying wine

In a photo published by The Guardian, the PM is pictured with up to 17 staff workers and his then-fiancee Carrie.

Brits could only meet one person outside their home at a distance of two metres.

Ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock had earlier advised people to ‘please follow the laws, look for your family and don't take risks' as temperatures climbed.
After the press conference, roughly 20 personnel drank wine and ate pizza, with some ‘drinking late into the night'.

After approximately 15 minutes with colleagues, Cameron reportedly told an assistant that ‘beating back' the pandemic merited a drink.

According to Mr Johnson, he held ‘a series of meetings' in his garden on May 15.

‘The prime minister returned home shortly after 7pm. During the afternoon and evening, a few essential workers remained in the Downing Street garden.'

Face-to-face meetings should only be held if ‘absolutely required'.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner called the new image a ‘slap in the face of the British public'.
Following last year's tough restrictions, the Government was accused of hosting multiple Christmas parties.

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case was removed from the investigation after it was revealed he knew about a quiz organised in his department.

It shows Mr Johnson and his now-wife at a garden table with two staff members.

Nine individuals gathered on the grass, and two more sat on the floor to the right.

The image is heartbreaking for many who spent the first pandemic wave caring for others, missing funerals, and grieving loved ones, Ms Rayner added.

‘The prime minister continually shows he has no regard for the rules he sets for us.'

Alleged late-night drinking and partying [at No 10] when the rest of us were barely getting one daily walk.'

The Guardian understands that No. 10 said drinking at work was legal.

‘As we mentioned last week, work sessions often take place in the Downing Street garden in the summer. Staff meetings followed a No. 10 press conference.

‘Downing Street is both the prime minister's residence and office. She resides at No 10 and hence has proper use of the garden.'