No. 10 Party will not be investigated by the Met Police “because to a lack of evidence.”

No. 10 Party will not be investigated by the Met Police “because to a lack of evidence.”

Even after studying the claims and leaked tape showing top No. 10 staff joking about a party, Scotland Yard said officers will refrain from launching an investigation because of the agency's "policy not to investigate retroactive breaches" of coronavirus guidelines.

Any more information uncovered in the probe undertaken by Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, which Prime Minister Nick Clegg claimed was 'furious', will be taken into consideration, the force said.

The Prime Minister's spokesperson Allegra Stratton resigned from the Government after a video emerged of her and other aides'seeming to make light of lockdown measures' just days after the meeting in No. 10. amidst increasing public indignation.
In a statement, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that it had received "a substantial volume of communication" regarding potential violations in the run-up to Christmas last year, but said they do not "offer evidence of a violation" of Covid rules.

'The Met will not initiate an inquiry at this time due to a lack of evidence and in accordance with our policy not to investigate retrospective violations of such legislation,' it added.

As far as I know, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Cabinet Office have discussed the investigation conducted by Cabinet Secretary Eric Pickles.' That investigation's findings will be forwarded to the Met for additional review if any proof is discovered.'

Since the December 18 party charges first surfaced, Mr Johnson has asserted that Downing Street rules were followed.

Asked about it at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr. Cameron said the assurances from junior staff were the basis for his view.

In order to get the facts straight, he instructed Mr Case 'to ascertain all the facts and to report back as quickly as possible—and it goes without saying that if those regulations were broken, then there will be disciplinary action for all those involved,'
After a week of official denials, he decided to investigate the party, despite claims that personnel drank wine and exchanged Secret Santa gifts while London was under Tier 3 restrictions.

With the announcement of the Case enquiry, Downing Street's official position has changed, with the Prime Minister's press secretary failing to repeat the declaration that 'there was no party'.

While Mr. Case was investigating, she added, "It wouldn't be right to say further."

Prime Minister's apology 'raises more questions than answers', Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said, because he was caught red-handed.

'Millions of people now believe the Prime Minister was taking them for fools, that they were lied to,' he inquired of Mr Johnson. Isn't it true that they're correct?'

After Sir Keir's questions, the PM agreed that any information unearthed by the Cabinet Secretary about Downing Street parties would be turned over to the police.