No mask for Dominic Raab during Chelsea game

No mask for Dominic Raab during Chelsea game

Dominic Raab was seen without a mask during a Chelsea game this week, despite the club urging spectators to do so.

In light of government guidelines, masks are only required to be worn indoors at sports venues, according to a deputy prime minister and justice secretary spokesperson.

The government has advised people to be extremely cautious in the run-up to New Year's Eve, as the Omicron variant has caused a spike in cases.

On Wednesday, Raab went to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea draw Brighton and Hove Albion.

“Supporters will be obliged to wear masks in all indoor parts of the stadium, including the concourses, except when eating or drinking,” the home team advised fans. In or out of the stadium, masks are suggested but not required.”
Someone beside Raab took a snapshot of the uncovered cabinet minister with another admirer who appeared to be covered up. Others in the background lack one.
“I find it rather strange that a senior minister would think it appropriate to sit in a packed public arena and disobey health guidelines to wear a mask for 90 minutes during this Omicron surge,” observed an anonymous observer.

“His decision-making should be questioned in my opinion. It's a crowded football game, and Covid instances are high. He doesn't care about leading by example.”

“He always followed the rules,” stated Raab's spokeswoman.

Ministers have warned people to be particularly cautious during the holidays as they are more prone to mix with older relatives.

Despite the fact that Omicron has spread and the minister's reluctance to apply any stricter limitations than plan B, health officials have gone further.

Some government consultants propose people go beyond the guidelines, such as deprioritizing socialising or getting tested before meeting up with pals.

Ministers have been accused of not leading by example. Boris Johnson was photographed without a mask last month while visiting a Northumberland hospital.

It is the right thing to do as politicians and the people to receive counsel and guidance from many sources,” Raab said Sky News at the time.