North Koreans ‘banned from laughing’ for 11-day mourning period

North Koreans ‘banned from laughing’ for 11-day mourning period

On Friday, Kim Jong Un honoured the 10th anniversary of his father's death, but regular people have spoken up about their lives.

The mourning period was extended from 10 to 11 days this year due to the anniversary, although many claim the repression began earlier.

According to one, ‘we must not drink alcohol, laugh or indulge in recreational activities during the grieving period.'
Unnamed residents of Sinuiju, near the Chinese border, said grocery shopping is also restricted on December 17, the former leader's death date.

‘In the past, many persons discovered drinking or inebriated during mourning were imprisoned and treated as ideological criminals.' They were abducted and never seen.

The body must be removed after the grieving period, even if a family member died during it. During the grieving phase, people cannot even celebrate their own birthdays.'
While people across the country remembered his father, the monarch attended a ceremony with key officials at his father's palace.

Kim Jong Il, the second Kim dynasty leader, controlled North Korea for 17 years.

On Friday, state television showed people bowing before his pictures and monuments, as air raid sirens and automobile horns blared and beeped in other video.

Kim Jong Un was seen with hundreds of officials outside Pyongyang's Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where Kim Il Sung's remains also sits in state beneath glass.

Since 1948, the Kim family has reigned in three generations.
Adults in North Korea wear badges depicting one or both of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Un, clad in a black leather coat in sub-zero temperatures, stood silently beneath a giant red banner bearing his father's image.

A second source told RFA that police were warned to look out for anyone who did not appear ‘appropriately bereaved'.

A South Hwanghae citizen said the living must ‘mourn the deceased to death'.

A unique obligation to punish individuals who impair the sense of community sorrow begins on December 1st.

It's a month-long police special duty. I heard cops can't sleep.

‘I simply hope Kim Jong Il's grieving period is one week, like Kim Il Sung's.

‘Residents grumble that the living must mourn these two dead.'

But in North Korea, state-run outlets praised Kim Jong Il.

‘He is the greatest man and great sage of the revolution,' said the ruling party's Rodong Sinmun newspaper.
It urged people to follow Kim Jong Un's ‘ideas and leadership'.

North Korea endured terrible hunger in the 1990s under Kim Jong Il, and his son promised citizens would never have to cut back again.

But ten years into his reign, Kim Jong Un has warned of the ‘worst-ever situation'.

His economy has been hit hard by international sanctions over North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes, natural calamities, and self-imposed anti-pandemic border closures.