‘Only four people’ turn up for Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn’s Brexit protest outside Downing Street

Patrick O’Flynn, an MEP for the east of England, said he had “had enough of this” when he called for a morning picket against the “Government Brexit sell-out” from 10am on Friday.

According to LBC, at one point there were four people with him and the protest was at its smallest when there were just one.

Patrick O’Flynn, MEP for the East of England, tweeted that he wanted to arrange a picket at Downing Street, to protest the Government’s “Brexit sell-out.”

His call was answered by former UKIP deputy chair Suzanne Evans who said she would join the protest. Mr O’Flynn said on his Twitter feed: “Conservative MPs have a responsibility either to change the PM or openly support her Brexit sell-out. “She is quite clear she will not change approach. She has sold out Brexit in secret but now we know we must act to try and save it.”

The MEP added in another tweet: “I appreciate my impromptu picket today is very short notice – please come if you can – clearly we Leavers now need some big, set-piece demos. I will be doing my bit to help arrange them.”

But the pair may have been surprised to arrive at the Prime Minister’s residence to find they were the only ones in attendance.

Videos shared by LBC reporter Racheal Venables showed Evans and O’Flynn cutting lonely figures at the gates of Downing Street.

The pair brandished a Vote Leave placard and umbrella. She said that at its peak a grand total of four people attended the protest and it drew to a close by 12.30, half an hour before it was supposed to.

The poor showing at Downing Street drew mockery on social media, with David Lammy comparing the the numbers to the ministers who have left Theresa May’s cabinet.

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