Over the Christmas party, Boris Johnson has been urged to resign as a damaging footage of the event has emerged

Over the Christmas party, Boris Johnson has been urged to resign as a damaging footage of the event has emerged

SNP leader Ian Blackford urged the Prime Minister to step down if allegations made against the party prove to be genuine, and the police are currently investigating.

Allegations are gaining traction following a week of queries that were mostly ignored by ITV.

There are already comparisons being drawn between the claimed incidents and Dominic Cummings' infamous Barnard Castle trip, which infuriated the public earlier in the pandemic because of their similarity to Tier 3 limitations.
Before she warns: "This is taped," Stratton and other top officials, including former communications director Allegra Straton, joke about a "fake" party not being socially separated and cheese and wine not being alright.

There were 40-50 people "cheek by jowl" in the footage, which ITV claims was shot four days after one of the alleged parties, according to the Daily Mirror.

As Covid-19 swept the United Kingdom, police were closing down events for the general public, while others were closely adhering to guidelines.
Met Police confirmed on Tuesday night that they were aware of footage received by ITV News involving alleged violations of the Health Protection Regulations at a Government facility in December 2020.

We do not typically examine Covid-19 violations that occurred in the past, but the footage will be considered in our decision-making process.

However, the lockdown came too late to save tens of thousands of people from dying from Covid over the winter, despite Mr Johnson's earlier threat to cancel Christmas.

'This film is scathing and leaves the Prime Minister with a lot to account for,' said Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP, Ian Blackford.

A senior staff member has since stated that the Tories had a Christmas party that was "not socially detached" while the rest of the country was encouraged to stay at home in order to safeguard the NHS.'

According to this, 'If this is indeed true, then the Prime Minister's position is untenable and he must resign immediately'
Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned after he broke social distancing norms, while other ministers in Mr Johnson's government have defied calls to resign.

Aides to Johnson have been accused of lying and laughing about their deceptions, according to Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Ex-Director of Communications Alistair Campbell labelled the PM the "crime minister" and called for an investigation by the police, calling him "a criminal."

There are no words to convey how heartbreaking and humiliating it was to hear Boris Johnson's crew joking about breaching the restrictions they had created, while others followed them and could only say farewell to their loved ones through a screen,' claimed the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group.'

After first insisting that no regulations were broken at the purported events, Mr. Johnson later changed his tune and denied that any sort of party had occurred.

There was no party, according to Mr Johnson's official spokesperson, but the Prime Minister refused to describe it at a jail visit in London on Tuesday.
All the guidelines were followed and would continue to be followed, he said.

If Mr. Johnson was asked if he conducted his own investigation, he replied, "I am satisfied myself that the criteria were followed at all times."

In the course of his career, the PM's integrity has been frequently questioned; on Tuesday, official papers appeared to contradict his statements that he did not intervene in the Afghanistan evacuation to help evacuate dogs.

Ministers like Health Secretary Sajid Javid have also denied any misconduct.

It is yet unclear how the purported bashes were in accordance with the guidelines that were in effect at the time of the alleged events.

It's possible, according to a storey in the Daily Telegraph, that the party was in compliance with the laws thanks to an antiquated but hitherto unreported gap in the law.
Government agencies and royal property are exempt from these restrictions, according to Joshua Rozenberg QC, a lawyer quoted in the publication, because of section 73 of the Public Health Control of Disease Act of 1984.

In addition, it's not apparent what the "Christmas party" means to the folks at No. 10.

During the Covid scandal, the administration has already been accused of hypocrisy and sleaze.

More than a thousand everyday citizens were convicted of breaching quarantine and disobeying lockdowns by attending parties and going out.

London's Metropolitan Police shut down a wedding attended by 'almost 40 people' the day before an alleged party at Downing Street.

By tweeting, the force stated that 'huge gatherings could be the difference between life and death for someone else'