Over the ‘Omicron tidal wave,’ Boris Johnson has set a new goal for himself

Over the ‘Omicron tidal wave,’ Boris Johnson has set a new goal for himself

In a Sunday night TV broadcast, Boris Johnson remarked, "No one should be in any doubt, there is a tidal wave of Omicron coming."

By the end of January, the goal of providing a booster to all adults will be pushed up by a month, he said.

In order to focus on boosters, some doctors' appointments may be postponed.

This was just a few hours after the Covid warning level was elevated to four because of the Omicron virus variant's proliferation.

The last time the UK was at a level four transmission was in May, and the current level is four.

In the face of the new variety Omicron, Mr. Johnson said, "I'm afraid we're now facing an emergency.

In order to provide the level of protection we all require, two doses of vaccination are clearly insufficient. A third and final dose—a booster dose—is expected by experts to restore our body's natural level of defences.

"At this point, our scientists cannot say that Omicron is less severe," he continued. "

A surge of Omicron across a population that has not been boosted will put our NHS at risk of being overwhelmed and lead to many deaths, regardless of whether this is true or not, because we already know it is so much more transmissible.

Now that England has set a new booster target of three months, anyone in the legal drinking age range in the country will be eligible to have their third dose of the vaccine starting this week.

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland have set the same goal, with the latter announcing that it will speed up its deployment in order to reach as many people as possible by the end of the year.

To meet the new immunisation goal, however, Mr Johnson indicated that some other doctor's appointments will have to be postponed until the New Year. In order to accommodate immunizations, some primary care physicians are already permitted to postpone routine exams.

According to Prime Minister David Cameron, he also said:

42 military teams will be dispatched across the country to assist in the endeavour to set up additional vaccine stations and mobile units in England.
Patients will be able to get appointments at a greater number of clinics.
volunteers will be trained to administer vaccines to many more people
Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will get further support from the United Kingdom in their efforts to speed up vaccines.

Covid symptoms appear to be prevented in about 75% of persons who receive a third booster dose of Omicron.

On Saturday, the second day of the booster deployment, more than 500,000 booster shots and third doses were administered in the United Kingdom.