Parents ‘furious’ at new rule which means they have to drop off kids at school gates

Parents have been left ‘furious’ that a primary school in Bulwell will not let them walk their children into school.

Snape Wood Primary and Nursery school in Aspen Road changed its policy on letting parents onto the playground due to health and safety issues.

However, on the first morning of the new routine on Wednesday (September 19), parents said their children were left “upset” and “traumatised.”

Helen Godber, 28, a mum-of-three who was dropping off her six-year-old daughter, said: “It was just awful, I feel furious about the new rule.

“There were seven teachers waiting at the front gates and hundreds of parents with their kids who weren’t allowed in.

“There were children crying and I actually saw some parents turn around and take their kids home because they were too distressed.

“My daughter is only six, she was so upset at the thought of me saying goodbye to her before she had gone into school. It was also quite dangerous that we all had to say our goodbyes near the main road.”

Another mum, Sarah Underwood, 30, had a similar experience with her four-year-old daughter.

She said: “We now have to leave our children at the gates, my daughter has only just started going into school with me walking her inside.

“I want to be able to walk my child in to school and know that she is safe but with so many people blocking the way you can’t even see where your child has gone and if she has got in ok.

Parents 'furious' at new rule which means they have to drop off kids at school gates

“I think it will just be safer for parents to escort them into school.”

The primary school, which was praised by Ofsted in its last inspection, sent out a letter to parents explaining the reason for the changes.

Shewley Choudhury, headteacher at Snape Wood Primary School, said: “Like all schools, drop-off and pick-up times are very busy and we’ve been thinking for some time about reviewing the arrangements for parents arriving with their children in the morning.

“We have a reasonably small site and it’s important that our teaching staff who welcome pupils to school are not distracted by large numbers of parents wanting to discuss issues while the children are filing into their classrooms.

“We’ve asked parents that they say goodbye to their children at the gates, just in the morning, and staff will be there to take them into school. After school, they can continue to pick up from the classroom as usual.

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