Paris is in complete disarray! Protests against Emmanuel Macron are fierce -‘sent to the trash can of history’

Paris is in complete disarray! Protests against Emmanuel Macron are fierce -‘sent to the trash can of history’

He said he intended to "p*** off" the five million French people who are still not vaccinated against COVID-19, and that it was his duty to raise the alarm due to the Omicron threat.

He stated that the authorities must prohibit non-vaccinated people to protect the vaccinated 90% of French population.

Due to the extreme contagiousness of the novel Omicron coronavirus type, France is reporting over 200,000 new COVID-19 cases every day.

However, Les Patriotes leader Florian Philippot arranged and sponsored enormous rallies on Saturday.

"It's already filled and people are flooding in from everywhere," Mr Philippot remarked on Instagram.

"The January 8th 'thousands in the street' outnumber the July 17th demonstration! By far!

"Macron and his filthy statements will be forgotten!

"Vive la France libre!"

The current COVID-19 wave in France might peak in 10 days, according to Professor Alain Fischer, France's COVID vaccination plan authority.

"I think we're towards the end of this new wave," Fischer told LCI TV, adding that the peak may be "in the middle of the second week of January."

Although the number of new coronavirus infections fell short of the previous day's high of over 332,000, the seven-day moving average of new cases surpassed 200,000 for the first time since the outbreak.

After 204 new deaths, the total number of COVID-19 deaths has surpassed 125,000.

Macron is hoping that enough individuals will get COVID booster doses to help fight the infection and avoid imposing severe new restrictions.

After a stormy debate sparked by Macron's statements, the French parliament adopted Macron's plans for a vaccination pass on Thursday.

Macron told Le Parisien earlier this week that he wanted to make life difficult for individuals who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine by keeping them out of public venues.

A few months before the presidential election, Macron's scathing remarks tapped into growing public discontent with unvaccinated children.

According to government data, 90% of over-12s have had two doses.

After Macron's remarks were published, a record number of patients had their first shot, according to Health Minister Olivier Veran.