Poll finds Wales now backs remaining in EU

A new poll has found that Wales no longer supports Brexit instead backing a People’s Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

In June 2016 the Welsh population voted by 53% to 47% in support of the UK leaving the European Union, but a new poll of 1,000 people across Wales found that support has moved in favour of staying in the European Union.

According to the research, conducted by YouGov, 51% of voters in Wales now support remaining, compared to 49% that would vote to leave.

And 44% of Welsh voters would back a People’s Vote compared to 36% who do not.

The findings will put added pressure on the UK’s political leaders over their positions on Brexit.

“The shift has been driven by Labour voters, where the swing to Remain is 6%, double the average for all Welsh voters. In the referendum two years ago, Labour supporters voted 66-34% for Remain.

“This has now widened to 72-28%. Labour voters also back a People’s Vote by almost three-to-one: 61-22%.

“This should concern those Labour MPs who are resisting both continued membership of the EU and a fresh referendum to let the people decide the issue.”

The People’s Vote campaign is targeting different areas of the UK as part of a summer blitz to set out what it says will be the impact of Brexit locally.

It pointed to a draft Government briefing in January that suggested a 9.5% loss of GDP growth over the next decade in a no deal scenario.

That could amount to every person in Wales being left £1,818 a year worse off, it claimed.

Labour MP Owen Smith, a supporter of People’s Vote, said: “This poll shows that Labour voters overwhelmingly support a People’s Vote, putting them at odds with the party’s official pro-Brexit position.

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Source : https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/wales-no-longer-backs-brexit-and-supports-a-peoples-vote-1-5682578
Source : https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-news-wales-now-backs-13199974

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