Pre-departure Travelers’ Covid tests upon arrival in England will be discontinued

Pre-departure Travelers’ Covid tests upon arrival in England will be discontinued

The Government will soon examine travel testing rules, and senior sources say pre-departure examinations will be eliminated.

Pre-departure testing were introduced to halt the spread of Omicron and prevent it from entering the UK, but the tests are now deemed to be unnecessary as the Omicron form has spread across the country.

Plan B measures, such as mask-wearing, working from home bans, and vaccine passports, will also be assessed by Wednesday, but most are expected to remain.

It will be the first ministerial meeting since Christmas.

Since then, coronavirus and Omicron cases have risen dramatically in the UK, with hospitalisations nearly doubling since February.

Despite this, insiders say measures will stay unchanged as the government gathers additional data.

Minister for Health and Social Care Edward Argar projected Tuesday that hospital admissions would continue to rise for two weeks.

But he added he was ‘not seeing anything in the data right now that shows the necessity for greater limits'.

‘We need calm minds,' he told Times Radio.

‘We need to look at the data and avoid any limits.'

‘We don't think the data supports it at the present,' said cabinet office minister Steve Barclay to Sky News.

‘We keep an eye on the data, but Plan B has had a big impact on behaviour.'

‘Cautiously hopeful', said the insider. ‘Things might change in a day'.

The WHO chief also predicted the conclusion of the Covid-19 pandemic this year.

Currently, double-vaccinated tourists must perform a pre-departure test and self-isolate until their results come back negative. Those who haven't had two shots must self-isolate for ten days.

Pre-departure tests may be dropped, but day 2 PCR tests are expected to stay.