Sajid Javid’s voting record shows support for ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies

WITHIN minutes of Sajid Javid becoming Britain’s 116th home secretary, questions were being asked about the Tory politician’s voting record.

During his eight year stint as an MP, he’s backed measures supporting Theresa May’s “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants, voting for the government’s controversial Immigration Act in 2014.

The Tory also previously caused outrage when he seemed to suggest there were no women on the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee because “all appointments are made on merit”.

That’s because Theresa May’s 2014 Immigration Act introduced rules which meant that the health service was required to check patients’ immigration status before treating them.

It also stipulated that landlords would be criminalised if they rented homes to illegal immigrants and employers were required to check people’s immigration status.

The problems arose because the Windrush generation did not have the documentation to be able to prove when they arrived in the UK.

On the key parts of the hostile environment Sajid Javid backed the government.

These included voting against banning detention for pregnant immigrants and to extend deportation powers.

He voted in favour of making it an offence to rent a home to those without a right to rent and for migrant status checks on bank account openings.

He also backed “making it a criminal offence for someone to work if their immigration status prohibits it”.

He voted to restrict the support available to failed asylum seekers and illegal migrants.

And he voted to create criminal offences of renting a home, driving, and working, while disqualified from doing so due to immigration status; and for other measures in the Immigration Bill.

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