Second World War veteran, 98, fighting for life after ‘brutal and senseless’ attack by burglars in north London home

A 98-year-old man has been left with severe injuries after he was attacked with “excessive force” and robbed in his own home.

Peter Gouldstone is fighting for his life after being discovered in his home with bruising to his body and a head injury in Enfield, north London.

His television was taken along with a number of other personal items, Metropolitan Police say.

The stricken 98-year-old was found on Tuesday by his son, Simon Gouldstone, who was alerted by a concerned member of the public to the fact the back door to his father’s home was open.

Simon told ITV London: “I don’t know how they can live with themselves.”

Peter was a former Post Office employee who has lived on his own since 2013 when his wife Joan died.

He is now in a critical but stable condition.

Son Simon Gouldstone said: “My Dad is housebound and requires regular assistance.

“He has lived at his address for over 60 years. I was the first person that found him on Tuesday. He was in his bedroom on the floor. I noticed that he was agitated and was semi-conscious. He could not communicate.

“He had bruising on his arms and face. I would urge any members of the public that know any information about those responsible or who maybe able to help the investigation to come forward to the police as soon as possible.”

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley said of the incident: “It was a brutal and senseless attack on a pensioner in his own home, who has lived there for over 50 years without ever having to endure a horrific incident like this.

“The level of violence used was completely excessive. He was left helpless and seriously injured at the address all alone. It was only due to a member of the public recognising damage to the property that the alarm was raised and he was discovered.”

Worried neighbours, many of whom are also pensioners, today expressed their concern at the attack and robbery.

“It affects you because it’s worrying. It’s callous. Who could have done this to an old man like him,” said Pio Gomes, 78, who lives nearby.

One woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she noticed the dad’s garage door was open yesterday morning, which was “unusual”.

She added: “His son came and then police and an ambulance were here until it was dark.

“I’ve known him for many, many years and he has a charming family. It’s not nice, you just have to lock up and hope.”

There have been no arrests.

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