Snap election would give Theresa May a wafer-thin majority, major poll predicts

A snap general election now would see Theresa May tighten her grip on power despite the Brexit chaos while Corbyn faces LOSING seats, poll finds

-Theresa May would stay in power if an election was held today, a new poll finds

-YouGov predicts the Tories would gain four seats while Labour would lose 12

-With such a result, the Tories would then have just enough for a working majority

Speculation over a snap election was thrown into overdrive today by a shock poll suggesting Theresa May would stay in power and win more seats.

The YouGov survey claims Conservatives would increase their 317-seat tally by four to 321 – while Labour would shed 12 MPs to end up with 250.

Such a result would leave Mrs May short of commanding half of Parliament’s 650 MPs.

But it would give her a wafer-thin working majority because the Speaker and his three deputies do not vote, and Sinn Fein’s 7 MPs don’t take their seats.

The survey for The Times was more than just a simple opinion poll of around 1,000 people.

It used modelling from a poll of more than 40,000 voters in the same method that correctly predicted a hung parliament in 2017.

It put Conservatives on 39% if an election was held today – down four points from the 43% recorded in British seats in 2017.

But predicted a larger drop in support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, down seven points from 41% in 2017 to 34% now.

Liberal Democrats were on 11%, up three points from the last election.

And Ukip, which slumped to 2% in 2017, experienced a resurgence to hit 5%, taking a significant chunk of support from the Tories.

While the Scottish National Party’s share of the vote was unchanged since 2017 on 3%, the YouGov model suggested they could boost their tally of Westminster seats by four to 39.

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