‘Sometimes I wake up and I can’t move’: Woman with chronic MS refused disability benefits by DWP

Aliie Harpham is one of 4,100 people with MS refused personal independent payment (PIP) last year – amounting to nearly a third of all sufferers who applied for the benefit, figures show.

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2 thoughts on “‘Sometimes I wake up and I can’t move’: Woman with chronic MS refused disability benefits by DWP

  1. chrisk61 says:Mar 29, 2016 4:56 PMyou call 240 lbs scrawny ? I don’t think so. that is pretty much the avg weight for nfl LBs260 is much bigger. but 240 isn’t small.———————————————————————That would be fine if he were closer to 6-1, 6-2.For his frame (a long 6-4) 240 is definitely slight.

  2. As a former healthcare professional I undertook PIP disability assessment training with ATOS but told them to stick it as they were a bad shower. ATOS pays £34,000 pa to its PIP assessors (the same grade in the NHS gets 6k a year less) and that does not account for how much ATOS charges per assessment. I was told that it was an amount equivelant to what a lawyer or private doctor might charge for an hour consultation! That is taxpayers money that has been redirected from truly vulnerable people who have no prospect of employment to the coffers of a French company. The kicker was, as assessors we were advised that although we may have identified clear functional deficits that would affect ability to work, the DWP could just ignore our assessment and find the person fit for work. The system is unfair, expensive and it is corrupt.

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