Star Hobson’s heartbroken grandfather committed suicide on the day of his daughter’s birthday, leaving her devastated

Star Hobson’s heartbroken grandfather committed suicide on the day of his daughter’s birthday, leaving her devastated

‘You look after yourself and I'll look after the baby,' Andrew Smith, 50, said in a card to his daughter Frankie Smith in prison.

Star's mother was found guilty of causing or enabling her child's death on September 22, 2017 at their house in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Savannah Brockhill, 28, was convicted guilty of murder and will be sentenced later today.
Star was abused physically and psychologically for months before she died from ‘utterly catastrophic' injuries.

Mr Smith overdosed on tablets in June of this year, as he battled to accept what his daughter had done.

Frank, 68, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was one of five persons who notified social services about Star's bruises and treatment.
He informed The Sun that the baby's handprint remained on his window. In the end, he did it on Frankie's birthday.

‘Devastating. Star's coat was beside him when they found him. He lived 50 years, my son barely a few months.'

How Smith and Brokchill persuaded social services that the girl's bruises and marks were unintentional remains unclear.

They got away with it by alleging hostile accusations were filed by persons who disliked their same-sex relationship or Brockhill's Romany Gypsy heritage.

‘It's hard to believe and I can't comprehend it. It hurt me. You trusted the authorities to act, and they failed.'

He stated Smith promised to kill herself in a letter to Andrew before he died.
After Star's death, a study of safeguarding practises was launched to determine what went wrong.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised yesterday to ensure ‘lessons are learned'.

‘What happened to Star Hobson shocked and saddened me. We must safeguard children from these horrible acts and teach them.'

Susan Hinchcliffe, Bradford Council leader, said agencies' involvement with the family is being reviewed.

A disappointed Star wants to know whether anything could have been done differently.

When asked about Star's death, the Department for Education indicated it would "not hesitate" to strip Bradford Council of its child welfare authority.
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, 6, was recently tortured, poisoned, and murdered by his stepmother Emma Tustin.

Said an NSPCC spokesperson: ‘Star Hobson's life was cruelly cut short and it is awful that she was damaged by those who should have protected her.

‘Star endured months of awful cruelty and violence that no child should ever have to endure.

The case comes when many of us are still saddened and horrified by Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' death.

‘We must avoid kid maltreatment and abuse. We always advise anyone concerned about a child's safety to contact the local authorities, police or the NSPCC helpline.'

The awful mistreatment and deaths of children at the hands of their parents and guardians will make many of us wonder, ‘Could I have seen the warning signs?'