Teams of Covid immunisation workers “may walk door-to-door to households of unvaccinated”

Teams of Covid immunisation workers “may walk door-to-door to households of unvaccinated”

The Omicron threat prompted new coronavirus limitations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the Government hopes to battle Omicron using door-to-door immunizations instead.

It follows a month-long study in Ipswitch, Suffolk, that began in late November.
Public health experts visited every property in Ipswitch's Westgate district, where vaccine uptake is low.

They talked to those who were worried about the vaccine and offered rides to clinics.

Locals didn't even had to leave their homes because there was a bus selling shots on the fly.

Like in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, these activities may now spread across the country.
The vaccine-hesitant should be encouraged, one Cabinet Minister told the Mail on Sunday.

It is becoming more difficult to get vaccinated throughout the country.

Doctors say up to 90% of Covid ICU patients are unvaccinated.

Despite millions of Covid vaccination shots being administered across the UK, millions remain unvaccinated.

Amid rising infections, England is nervously awaiting Boris Johnson's decision on liberties.

That would require recalling Parliament, and some say the PM is running out of time.

Schools will not be closed regardless of Mr Johnson's decision.

‘The PM and Nadhim are fully committed to keeping schools open, and this is a shared commitment throughout Government,' said a source close to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi.

‘School closures are not being considered as education is a key priority.'
From Boxing Day, six individuals are allowed in bars, theatres, and restaurants in Wales.

Indoor events currently allow only 30 people while outdoor events allow 50.

Distancing of two metres has been reinstated.

Large gatherings in Scotland must have a one-metre physical distance and be limited to 100 persons standing, 200 sitting and 500 outside.

From tomorrow, only three households can mingle together, with a metre between them.

Anywhere providing alcohol must serve at a table.

Northern Ireland has also closed nightclubs and outlawed indoor standing events.

The ‘rule of six' has returned to hospitality venues.