Text message from father, who died of Covid after refusing vaccination

Text message from father, who died of Covid after refusing vaccination

Stephen Doyle, 45, was ‘fit and well' until contracting coronavirus and being hospitalised over Christmas.

An emotional message to his former lover said he wishes he had been vaccinated sooner.

His bereaved family alleged he refused due to ‘social media pressure'.
Michelle Pierce, a nurse practitioner at Llandudno Hospital, spoke on behalf of Mr Doyle's family, urging others to get vaccinated.

“I'm getting the jabs as soon as I can,” Stephen texted his former partner Nichola, Ms Pierce claimed.

‘He claimed he would never do it again. He was never able to be immunised. He was too late.

I think he was swayed by all the social media chatter about immunisation before he went in. He was in perfect health. He was in good shape.
In mid-December, Mr Doyle was released from hospital after a coronavirus infection.

‘We don't know if he discharged himself, but he was self-isolating,' said Ms Pierce.

‘His ex-girlfriend Nichola found him very ill on December 22.'

On Christmas Day, he was rushed back to the hospital and put on a ventilator, with DVT in his leg.

The next week, physicians told his family he had had bilateral pneumothorax, or both lungs collapsed.

On January 3, he died at Warrington Hospital.
Janet, Nicola, and his ex-partner are now urging people to avoid Covid.

‘This is occurring to healthy people,' Ms Pierce remarked. It's worth telling our experience if we can save one person by requiring immunizations.

A funny man, really. He was always up for a good chuckle. He enjoyed being with his family and making them happy.'

I can only express my sympathy to Michelle and her family, said Dr Nick Lyons, medical director of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

‘I also admire their bravery in thinking of others so soon after a loss.

In the pandemic, comprehensive Covid vaccination is by far the greatest approach to safeguard your health.