The EU is unnecessary! To send a powerful statement – a call to arms – the British people must boycott goods from the bloc

The EU is unnecessary! To send a powerful statement – a call to arms – the British people must boycott goods from the bloc

Former ambassador Adrian Hill argues that rather than complain about increased import inspections, British companies should seek new markets for their products. And he proposed Foreign Secretary and Brexit negotiator Liz Truss replace Boris Johnson as Tory leader and Prime Minister.

On January 1, new regulations came into force requiring most EU goods to be scrutinised at the UK border for proper documentation.
“A lot of businesses won't be ready,” said Philip Rycroft, former permanent secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union from 2017 to 2019.

As a resident of non-aligned Switzerland, Mr Hill questions why goods from EU countries should be widely available in the UK.

A deliberate policy, he said. Every week, more German products replace Swiss, British, and French products in the main grocery chains. Only boutiques and internet stores stock better-known brands from outside Germany.”

In addition to the extra inspections, Mr Hill said the shift away from relying on the EU as a trading partner should be encouraged.

It is good news for Britons that our trade no longer passes through a single choke point at Dover, with foreign large vehicles contaminating Kent, Sussex, Surrey Berkshire Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex and beyond.

“We should buy from outside markets and use all British container ports.

Then we'd be cleaner faster than any green theory." Long maritime voyages, short rail or road deliveries from ports.”

Lord David Frost, who left from the Cabinet last month, intended to use this strategy, but Mr Hill claims Boris and the Cabinet prevented him.

A really inventive Brexit will enjoy all the many benefits that are within reach, some under our noses, said Frosty.

“Voters may speed up the benefits of Brexit by boycotting EU-made items.

“The Americans made Northern Ireland peaceful. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are being annexed by the EU

In his place should be Liz Truss, the Tories should replace Boris with Frosty, and Gove should be fired.

“I'd like to see Nigel Farage lead the Brexit Party or become Minister of Media Relations.”

Mr Hill echoes Jayne Adye, director of the cross-party Get Britain Out campaign.

“These new thorough inspections on EU imports are a crucial stage in the UK's exit from the European Union,” she said on Wednesday.

“They demonstrate the Government is no longer trying to delay the inevitable and pretending that leaving the EU won't affect our global trade.”

In her words, “Brexit was about freedom, change, and independence from the EU, not just politically, but economically.

“It's about time we stopped importing everything from EU countries that are geographically close to us.

“Instead of focusing on EU imports, businesses might possibly expand their global partnerships, where items are typically more cheaper.”

"There is plenty of help available to ensure SMEs are well positioned to comply with UK border regulations, including one-to-one advice through the Export Support Service," a Government official.

“Our targeted multimedia campaign and sector-specific webinars also help businesses find important information.

To prepare for the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, we are establishing import limits gradually into 2022.