The Tory Transport Secretary has shamelessly blamed railway staff for today’s eye-watering rise in train fares

As We reported from ” Rail fares are rising 3.2% today in what Jeremy Corbyn called a “disgrace” to passengers – despite punctuality at a 13-year low.

But Chris Grayling blamed rail workers three times in an interview.

He claimed the “biggest factor” behind the fare rises is “pay pressure from the unions”.

He told BBC Breakfast: “I wish fares didn’t go up as well.

“The reality is we peg fares to the level of inflation – a higher rate of inflation than I would wish.

“But my question to [Labour] would be how can you take financial contributions from trade unions who have threatened a national rail strike if we move the rate of inflation on which the whole industry operates?

“They want pay rises that are much higher than [Shadow Transport Secretary] Andy McDonald was talking about.

“They threaten strike action across the country to get those pay rises.”

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald blasted Mr Grayling’s “appalling record” on industrial relations.

And he questioned why the right-wing Tory wasn’t also trying to curb pay rises for fat cat bosses at rail firms.

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Source More Details

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