There will be no more limits on the day the UK reports its most Covid cases in history

There will be no more limits on the day the UK reports its most Covid cases in history

Today's 78,610 verified new Covid cases broke the previous record of 68,053 set on January 8th.

This evening, Mr Johnson addressed the nation from Downing Street, as fears grow about the spread of Omicron.

The PM claimed the Government is taking the ‘right approach' when challenged about new limits.
However, the PM advised people to ‘think carefully' before attending festive parties.

This Christmas will be better than previous Christmas, and I stand by that statement.

‘We are not cancelling events, hospitality, parties or the freedom to mix.

‘We are saying think twice before you go.'
I think we're in a better position than last year, but we need to be cautious and think about it while we wait for the boosters to really kick in,' said Mr Johnson.

But England's top medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, predicted more bad news.

‘I'm afraid we have to be realistic that records will be broken a lot over the next few weeks as rates continue to rise,' said Professor Whitty.

‘We have an existing Delta epidemic, basically flat, and a quickly rising Omicron epidemic on top of it.'
Professor Whitty recommended people to ‘prioritise meaningful social contacts' and to take lateral flow tests.

But no home lateral flow testing were available on the third day.

As part of the Government's Plan B, MPs approved further measures last night, including Covid passports.

Around 100 MPs voted against the government, humiliating Mr Johnson.

The ‘hapless' PM fumbled the numbers and told viewers there were 780,000 cases instead of the accurate quantity.
The under-fire Tory has failed to maintain support amid recent crises.

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, called him the ‘worst possible Prime Minister', amid talks of a leadership challenge.

He also used the press conference to urge people to get their boosters and join the ‘great national fightback' against Omicron.

‘We believe that, given the dangers and uncertainties around Omicron, this is the best way… to execute everything at once.'

‘The booster progress is crucial… We are presently boosting thousands of people.'