Theresa May shocks audience by dancing on stage to ‘Dancing Queen’ before conference speech

Theresa May arrived on stage to Abba’s Dancing Queen as she prepared to give her conference speech.

She had a boogie around in a nod to her Africa dance exploits, and joked about her cough and the collapsing backdrop last year.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg described it as “one of the best speech entrances ever from the person the public might least expect it from”.

She wrote on Twitter: “PM massive sense of humour alert – comes on to Dancing Queen, jigs about and starts with a gag about her cough and the collapsing backdrop – hall loves it”

Theresa May shocks audience by dancing on stage to 'Dancing Queen' before conference speech

The Prime Minister used her speech to pay tribute to those who died in the First World War, which ended 100 years ago.

She also highlighted the efforts to rebuild in the wake of the Second World War “where former enemies become friends”.

Mrs May’s speech last year was beset by a series of disasters – a prankster served her with a joke P45, she suffered a coughing fit and the letters on the set behind her fell off as she ploughed on with her address.

The PM told Tory activists: “Can I just say, you will have to excuse me if I cough during the speech.

“I’ve been up all night super-gluing the backdrop.”

Mrs May also joked: “It’s not always glamorous. I have seen the trailers for Bodyguard – and let me tell you it was not like that in my day.”

But, while she might have enjoyed bopping to Abba,the band themselves might not be so happy.

The Swedish band are in fact Remainers and Björn Ulvaeus urged the UK to stay part of the EU.

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