These 10 MPs are members of a “secret group” using taxpayers’ cash to undermine Brexit

The Extreme Right has taken over Theresa May’s government. The worst part is, now these Tory rebels are using Taxpayers money to promote their dark and undemocratic agendas. The group calls itself the European Research Group, a group of “extreme-right” Conservative MPs dedicated to what they call “research.” Funny enough, their “research” has cost British taxpayers a mind-blowing £250,000. So it’s only natural to wonder where that money is going? Problem is, we don’t know and neither does the British Parliament. The ERG is very secretive and refuses to disclose any information regarding its members and their shady dealings with taxpayers cash.

Fortunately, we were able to compile a short list of 10 known members of the sinister group. This list was courtesy of our friends at

Suella Fernandes (the current chairperson of the group & PPS at the Treasury))
Steve Baker (previous chairperson of the group until promoted to the Brexit department)
Liam Fox (Minister for International Trade)
Andrea Leadsom (former Tory leadership candidate, Leader of the Commons)
Sajid Javid (Minister for communities and local government)
Chris Heaton-Harris (The Tory whip who sent McCarthyite inquisition letters to UK universities)
Chris Grayling (Minister for Transport)
Michael Gove (Minister for the Environment)
Penny Mordaunt (Minister for International Development)
David Guake (Minister for Work and Pensions)

The names here should concern you. Why? These MPs all are in Theresa May’s government. Indeed the agenda of the group is unclear, we still can see their dark intentions play out in the Brexit referendum. One such taxpayer-funded project from the ERG was the new report drawn up by the former-Ukipper turned Tory Craig Mackinlay, which calls for the introduction of visas for all EU visitors to the UK. Now, you would have to be a total nutter not see how these kinds of anti-democratic, hard-line agendas could hurt Britain’s post-Brexit economy. Another disturbing fact about the group is they have been caught pressuring other Ministers in the Tory party to fall into line with their plans. According to, “The ERG also have a secret WhatsApp group they use to coordinate their activities and hold regular meetings at which government ministers have to assure the group that Theresa May is complying with their Brextremist demand.”

The Labour party MPs, however, are extremely troubled by this group’s covert activities. Labour MP Steve Doughty was so upset by the ERG actions, he wrote to the IPSA complaining about the massive secrecy and fraud taking place within the British government under the guise of “research spending.” He claimed the ERG has a ‘secret’ list of members that receive public money very different from the usual funding that is used for other pooled research facilities, including the policy research unit used by the majority of Conservative MPs.

Below is the letter from Labour MPs, led by Stephen Doughty to the IPSA
For the attention: Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

*^Allegations surrounding the funding and activities of the European Research Group**
You will be aware of allegations that have surfaced in recent days regarding the alleged use of IPSA funding claimed by a number of Members – it is suggested at least 40 – with total funds claimed for “research” in the hundreds of thousands, which is apparently being funnelled to the European Research Group, a hard-right, hard-Brexit grouping within the Conservative Party that has a restricted and secret membership.You will note this arrangement appears to be significantly different from the funding that is used for other pooled research facilities such as the PRS, PRU etc. which are open to all MPs. The current Chair of the group Suella Fernandes MP has allegedly refused to provide a full public list of members.Allegations have also been made about the use of Parliamentary facilities by Christopher Howarth who appears to be the senior official supporting the group.Could you advise us as to whether:- if IPSA funds are permitted to be claimed for research of this nature, what requirements exist around the registering of such claims, and the transparency required of the overall activities, funding and operations of closed pooled research services?- what the total amount of IPSA funding claimed for the ERG or other “European Research” by Conservative Members has been in each of the last five years, broken down by the Member blaming it?- whether the ERG or any of its staff are registered in any capacity that would allow them the use of Parliamentary offices, phones, passes etc.?- whether Christopher Howarth is currently occupying offices provided to his sponsoring member Steve Baker, or whether he is located elsewhere in the Palace of Westminster and on what basis?We look forward to your urgent reply
Yours sincerely
Stephen Doughty MP, Chris Bryant MP, Ben Bradshaw MP, Neil Coyle MP, David Lammy MP, Lead Supporters of Open Britain.

Recently, Channel 4 News did a very revealing interview with Fareham MP Suella Fernandes, the current chair of ERG. In the interview, Fernandes seemed very uneasy when she was asked about how taxpayers’ money was funding the group. The Fareham MP also dodged questions regarding the identity of the group’s members, by saying, “that ERG’s information was only available to the group itself.”

What do you think?
Should the ERG’s members be made public? And should a secret “party within a party” have access to taxpayers’ money? Tell us in the comments…

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