These photos of prison cells around the world show how differently countries treat their criminals

Prisoner in Norway, for example, don’t have bars in their rooms and have access to musical instruments, DVDs, and video games. Meanwhile, in Malawi, a typical cell is squalid and packed with dozens of people.The wide range of conditions reflects how countries treat criminals and raises the question of whether prison is meant to punish or rehabilitate them.Read on to see what prison cells look like around the world.
#1 Luzira Prison, Kampala, Uganda#2 Bastøy Prison, Horten, Norway#3 Halden Prison, Halden‎, Norway#4 Onomichi Prison, Onomichi, Japan#5 Norgerhaven Prison, Veenhuizen, Netherlands#6 HMP Addiewell, Lothian, Scotland#7 Black Dolphin Prison, Sol-Iletsk, Russia
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