This is how much Alfie Evans court battle cost the NHS in legal fees

The Trust revealed the full expense of the case in a Freedom of Information request

The cost of the long-running legal battle over Alfie Evans’ life support cost NHS officials £145,000 in legal fees.

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation disclosed the figure following a Freedom of Information request submitted by a member of the public.

The request, which was submitted by a Ms Alison Stevens, asked the Trust to reveal the cost of legal fees in the Alfie Evans case.

In a response released on June 5, a representative of the Trust confirmed the legal costs totalled £145,354.77

Alfie, who suffered from a rare degenerative brain condition, was in a coma for the final 16 months of his life.

Doctors argued that his condition could not improve and strongly opposed moves by his family to provide specialist care outside the country.

The tragic toddler’s life support was finally switched off in April as the family’s lawyers eventually exhausted all legal avenues following a Court of Appeal ruling.

Supporters emailed the Trust in March and demanded to find out how much was spent on legal fees and other costs related to the case.

The FOI request asked: “Can you please clarify how much the trust have spent on legal fees so far with regards to taking the case of Baby Alfie Evans to the High Court to terminate his life support?”

Alder Hey responded: “The trust has engaged external lawyers to represent it in court proceedings concerning the care of Alfie Evans and provide related legal advice and support.

“As of the date of your request, the trust’s records indicate that a total sum of £145,354.77 (excluding VAT) including disbursements such as counsel and court fees has been invoiced in relation to both the court proceedings and related legal advice and support.”

Alfie Evan’s aunt, Sarah Evans, has hit out at the Derby-based hospital on Facebook following the revelation.

She said: “When you get sent this. Furious, angry and disgusted is not even close, the taxpayers’ money?”

“Over £145k to kill my nephew? Alder Hey and our government. Need I say more. We had a hospital, we had the money to take him elsewhere, we had the plane ready, we had Alfie fighting and they paid this to kill him?

“Ask yourselves why? We had no chance of saving our warrior Alfie when we had 60-plus police officers guarding that hospital.”

“We the family got our bags checked when we went to visit Alfie, as well as being escorted by police down the corridor to see him

“We could not close the doors on Alfie’s cubicle to have privacy as a nurse had to sit outside to watch us like we were criminals, as well as three to four police officers outside Alfie’s room.”

“Ask yourself when the new royal was born were there that many police officers guarding them? No they done wrong and the truth will be out soon.”

“Disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves how can they even sleep at night would they treat their own child like that? No so why do it to someone else’s is so horrible.”

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