‘This is no politicians’ vote’ – Celebrities to fund travel to People’s Vote march

More than 20 household names from the worlds of film, music, comedy, literature and sport have agreed to help pay for people to travel to a major demonstration in support of fresh referendum on Brexit. Vote

Stars including Delia Smith, Sir Patrick Stewart and Ian McEwan are among public figures who have pledged support to help people from their home towns and regions travel to the People’s Vote March for the Future on 20 October, which is being organised in conjunction with The Independent.

The march is designed to highlight public support for a Final Say referendum on whatever Brexit deal Theresa May negotiates with Brussels.

‘This is no politicians’ vote’ - Celebrities to fund travel to People’s Vote march

Household names including actors, musicians, comedians and sports stars are each donating over £1,000 to sponsor a coach to transport activists to London.

Campaigners are hoping more than 1 million people will show up for the march, which takes place two days after the scheduled deadline for the Brexit deal to be signed with the EU.

A second referendum can only be held after legislation is passed, and it is opposed by Theresa May, who has repeatedly said her duty is to deliver the result of the vote on 23 June 2016.

Experts have said it would be difficult to hold a another referendum before 29 March, the scheduled day for the UK to leave the EU. But this has not deterred campaigners who point out the process could be shortened or the leave date moved until the public has been given a vote on the final deal.

The Conservative remainer Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, is among those funding a bus to the demonstration, as well as Lord Heseltine, who served under Margaret Thatcher and was later one of the driving forces behind the creation of the single market in 1993.

Rebel Tory MP Philip Lee is paying for a bus from his constituency of Bracknell.

Smith is sponsoring a bus from Norwich, where she is joint majority shareholder in the city’s football team.

The historian Dan Snow is paying for a coach from Southampton, while Stewart is sponsoring one from his home town of Huddersfield.

Smith said, “I am petrified at the way Brexit is going. I’m afraid the political leaders have made a dog’s dinner of it and none of us really trust them any more to take final decision – whatever the result of the negotiations.”

Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former director of communications who is an adviser to the People’s Vote campaign, is funding a bus from his hometown of Burnley. He said: “In her conference speech Theresa May dismissed the people’s vote as a campaign by politicians. Not for the first time, she is totally misreading the mood of the country. It is not a politicians’ campaign – if only.

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