To keep a Covid pass valid, it will soon require a booster injection

To keep a Covid pass valid, it will soon require a booster injection

“Once all adults have had a decent chance to obtain their booster jab,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Large events will still accept confirmation of a recent negative coronavirus test instead of vaccination status.

The update is expected in early 2022.
‘Nightclubs and large events will require a negative lateral flow test from Wednesday, subject to this House,' Mr Javid added.

The new guideline on booster injections would be imposed as the rollout progressed.
On Tuesday, the new policies will be voted on, and Keir Starmer has indicated Labour will support them.

Mr Javid said it was ‘misleading' to claim MPs will vote tomorrow on ‘vaccine passports'.

‘This House is not being presented with a vaccine passport,' Mr Javid said, as Tory Richard Graham said there was ‘no reason for anyone' to ask MPs to vote against it.

‘That's not on the table or in the rules. I have no idea where the concept came from.'

In order to enter nightclubs or large gatherings, the government has made it plain that a negative free lateral flow test is required.

‘Or you can confirm your vaccination status if you don't want to. It's up to them. That's not a vaccine passport, and the sooner we get rid of this misinformation, the better.'

The Covid pass may be accessed on an NHS app, which includes a section on immunizations and when they were given.

Instead, they must transmit a negative test result to the NHS using a QR code from a lateral flow test. The NHS will then confirm receipt by email or text.

We are urge MPs to vote in favour of the government's plan b initiatives given the fast escalating infection levels from Omicron.

Even if these precautions fail, the risk of Omicron causing 75,000 deaths and over 490,000 hospitalisations in England by the end of April is too high not to try.

Mr Javid said not everyone will get a boost by the end of January.

‘It is a significant ask of our NHS colleagues,' he said. We believe we can provide adults a chance to be boosted by the end of the month.

The booster is only available to those that come forward and accept this offer, as well as everything going according to plan.

‘The NHS is doing everything it can with the full backing of every department of Government to offer as many chances and capacity as possible to deliver on that commitment,' he added.