Tony Benn’s granddaughter attacked by Corbyn supporters after she suggests he should step down over Labour’s anti-Semitism row

‘Tony Benn would be ashamed to call this disgusting Tory mouthpiece his granddaughter’: Former Labour politician’s granddaughter suffers online abuse after criticising Corbyn’s handling of anti-Semitism crisis

-Emily Benn criticised Corbyn’s attempt to deal with the anti-semitism crisis describing it as ‘utter rubbish’

-Following the tweet Ms Benn was sent shocking abuse on her Twitter account

-Abuse comes as Mr Corbyn sought to address concerns of Jewish community

-A number of the tweets reference Ms Benn’s grandfather Tony Benn

The granddaughter of Labour legend Tony Benn has been branded ‘a disgusting little Tory mouthpiece’ and bombarded with online abuse after criticising Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to deal with the anti-Semitism crisis.

Emily Benn- who resigned as a Labour councillor for Croydon Council in 2016 to move to New York for a job with bank UBS- tweeted on Friday saying Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to address the concerns of the Jewish community in an article in The Guardian was ‘utter rubbish’.

She added he had taken ‘no responsibility’ and there will be ‘no change while he is leader.’

Ray Ellis, a national officer with the CWU, was condemned for his tweet.

One message read: “Tony Benn would be horrified at you speaking such venom in his name – especially to members of his own family.”

Shamed Mr Ellis then replied: “Possibly. He was much kinder than I am.”

But Ms Benn refused to accept that as an apology and has now complained to Mr Ellis’s union.

News of the row comes as Labour MP Ian Austin today warns his party could lose the next election unless Mr Corbyn gets a grip on anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, questions were being asked about why Laura Murray – one of Mr Corbyn’s top advisers – removed a tweet express-ing her anger at anti-Semitic outpourings from Labour members.

Sources said she decided to remove it after “facing abuse” from all sides.

We can also reveal three Labour councillors accused of anti-Semitism – Luke Cresswell, Billy J Wells and Andy Slack – returned to the party unpunished. Labour said all antiSemitism complaints are “investigated in line with our rules”.

But a Jewish Labour Movement spokesman said: “There’s one rule for Jews, and one rule for everyone else.”

Former Labour MP Tom Harris yesterday quit the party, saying: “It’s just not the place for me anymore.”

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