Tory MP wants to force every school to teach God Save the Queen to pupils

MP’s call for national anthem teaching in schools to unite country

THE national anthem should be taught in schools to make children feel more British.

That’s the view of Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who is calling for God Save The Queen to be part of the national curriculum.

Speaking to the Romford Recorder, Rosindell said: “We have generations of young people who don’t know the words of the national anthem and don’t understand the importance of national identity and it’s traditions.

“Singing the national anthem can provide a great sense of unity, and disrespecting or disowning the anthem is a cause for division.”

The Romford MP has a history of promoting royalist and British nationalist policies. He recently backed the return of the blue passport and previously introduced a Bill in parliament that would have required a portrait of the Queen to be hung at all international entry points into the United Kingdom.

He also wanted the UK Border Agency to be renamed “Her Majesty’s Border Police” in an attempt to “reflect and recognise the role of the Queen in protecting the border of the land she reigns.”

Rosindell believes the act of making children sing God Save The Queen will “aid integration” in a “diverse society”, despite the anthem infamously containing a historical verse that urged God to help 17th Century commander Marshal Wade “crush” the “rebellious Scots”.

Flower of Scotland is generally recognised as the national anthem of Scotland, albeit in an unofficial capacity. It is used at sporting events, including national and international football and rugby matches.

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