Two months after giving birth, a young mother who had been diagnosed with Covid while pregnant died

Two months after giving birth, a young mother who had been diagnosed with Covid while pregnant died

On Boxing Day, two months after giving birth to her only child, a young mother who tested positive for Covid died.

Natalie Forshaw, 30, welcomed her baby Caleb on November 3.

Natalie was forced to stay in hospital after testing positive for the virus.

On December 26, she died in the Intensive Care Unit of Manchester Royal Infirmary.
It was mid-December that Natalie, a beautician and hairdresser from Burnage, south Manchester, began to improve.
"Natalie was at home when she initially got sick," Bernie Wilton recalled.
We took her to the doctor since she was pregnant and her oxygen levels were low. Her chest hurt a lot." The baby was delivered but Natalie was taken to intensive care. She couldn't see Caleb for a week."

Natalie was put into a drug-induced coma just days after giving birth. Then in mid-November, a blood clot was identified.
Her mother and Caleb's father, Jay Hurst, were only given ten to fifteen minutes a day at her bedside.
In the days that followed, her family was told there was nothing more that could be done.
Natalie's condition began to improve a week later.
After hearing about her son, she cried as the staff clapped and cheered, her mother stated on social media: "I was sitting with her and she started to blink, she is starting to come around…"
Natalie's condition astounded doctors, and her mother said she was dubbed "the ICU star" by nurses and doctors.

On December 20, however, Natalie's heart failed and she had to be entirely sedated again.
"Today, my heart split into many pieces," Bernie wrote on Boxing Day, after Natalie lost her fight.
I doubt it will ever heal. I'll miss your idiocy, your 8,400,000 daily texts, even if they were just to say love you mammy." We had a great bond as mother and daughter and closest friends." The loss has upset Bernie, Natalie's father Nigel Forshaw, and Scott, Natalie's brother. "Bernard" "She was stunning and a joy to be around. Thousands of people adored her."

Natalie declined Covid vaccines since she was pregnant. To date, a fundraising campaign for Natalie's family has raised £6,500.