UK weather: Temperature to plunge to -11 degrees as Britain braces itself for ONE FOOT of snow tonight

Britain will be hit by one of the coldest nights of this year this weekend as temperatures drop to a numbing -11 degrees.

Weather warnings have been issued across areas including the Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland with cold and wet conditions expected to continue until Sunday evening.

The January drizzle is expected to turn to snow and ice, causing widespread travel disruption on rail and road networks.

At least 14 inches of snow were recorded on Tulloch Bridge, with more showers expected.

The Met Office issued a yellow ‘be alert’ warning covering much of England, north Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday morning.

Key roads including the A82 in Scotland were blocked, while people were urged not to travel between 3pm and 1pm on Friday as Glasgow, Sterling and some parts of Edinburgh were hit by heavy showers.

Cars were abandoned and some travellers took to social media to vent their frustration at long queues to Glencoe mountain.

An area of snow is likely to move eastward across many central and northern parts of the UK on Sunday, with higher routes expected to be badly affected.

Forecasters warn as the snow melts tomorrow there will be some flooding in northern and western counties.

In Northern Ireland, rainfall early on Sunday morning is expected to freeze into dangerous patches of ice, causing a hazard for pedestrians and drivers.

Next week is expected to bring warmer conditions with a continued thaw of lying snow and further bands of potentially heavy rain arriving from the west at times.

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