[VIDEO] Sea turtle found caught in cocaine bundles worth £40m

Just when you thought you had seen all of the most shocking and surprising videos on the internet. The unexpected comes along and shake that belief. Recently, something like that happened to some American Coast Guard offices. On November, 19th an American Coast Guard unit was returning from a 68-day counter-drug patrol in the Eastern Pacific when they saw some debris floating in the water. The unit launched its small boat to investigate. To their surprise, the boat crew discovered a large sea turtle entangled in a net with multiple gray, rectangular blocks.

Caught with drugs
After the crew rescued the giant sea turtle while untangling the turtle they released that the rope attached to packages was filled with millions of dollars of cocaine. The estimated value of the haul was over £40m. After the seizure, the Coast Guard posted the bust on their Twitter feed.


The team of Coast Guards worked quickly to separate the turtle from its bondage. The poor sea creature had some cuts from the rope being around its neck and flippers. The crew returned 1,800 pounds of cocaine to authorities once they reached shore.
It was unclear how the drugs got there but it seems the turtle swam into the ropes and was caught. The drugs, on the other hand, was likely left behind by smugglers as they made their escape.

Entangled for a day or two
In a brief interview with NBC News, Commander Jose Diaz said, “The smugglers probably felt the heat coming and got rid of it and the turtle was likely entangled for about a day or two.” The cutter Thetis is part of Operation Martillo. It’s an international initiative launched in 2012 to target drug trafficking routes along the Central American coast. The operation was a success, it seized 7 tons of cocaine worth over $135 million.


This turtle isn’t fooling me. He knew what he was getting involved in from the start. Possibly they were looking to launder the money through a shell company.

What are your thoughts?
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