[VIDEO] Security evacuates FCC’s net neutrality meeting after bomb threat

Yesterday, something very disturbing happened in the FCC’s vote on net-neutrality. The vote had to be stopped because of a possible bomb threat in the vicinity. It happened just before the commission was fully in session. Cameras caught FCC security officials responding to the threat, first by asking Chairman Ajit Pai to halt the processing, then by kindly asking everyone to evacuate the room but leave their belongings behind. While everyone was outside the room, the security team combed the room with sniffer dogs. After the brief interruption, the meeting continued without incident. The commission eventually voted 3-2 to end the Obama-era rules.

Bomb Scare
A public statement, from the Dept Homeland Security, was then issued saying, “At approximately 12:35 p.m. today, a call was received by the FCC stating that two explosive devices were in the building and set to detonate in 30 minutes. The unknown caller stated that there was a device in the hearing room, and the other was at another location. The FCC was notified and the decision was made to have everyone leave the hearing room out of an utmost of caution.”

In the wake of the recent failed terror attack in the USA. Authorities are on edge, taking every precaution to ensure safety. With this latest threat, even reporters were quickly scurried off outside the room and Chairman Pai was escorted via a back exit. Some shrugged off the incident as though it was a schoolyard prank but it’s serious business to threaten people’s lives. But who would want to hurt individuals at the FCC?

It seems large pockets of people are very upset with this vote and a few of them would risk anything to stop it. So why are people speaking out about net-neutrality now? And what does this US ruling bloody have to do with us in the UK?

Below is a video of the event

What is Net-Neutrality?
To understand how Net-Neutrality will affect us here at home, we must comprehend the meaning of the term Net-Neutrality. So what is Net-Neutrality? The term in its simplest form has to do with a group of regulations placed on internet providers that prohibit them from cherry-picking which sites receive better internet speeds. So, for example, without the regulations companies like Virgin and Sky, could essentially choose which sites get fast internet speeds and which sites don’t. But because the rules were imposed it gave everyone a fair shake.

When you browse the internet at home, every website and service you visit get the same internet speed. That is the founding principle of net neutrality. Now with these rule overturned, providers can favorite which sites you see. Also, ISP’s could slow the speeds of your internet to its competitors such as Netflix. To top it off, they could then charge you a premium if you want to watch them in a better quality.

So overall the US FCC ruling will not impact UK citizens immediately but it will eventually. Then you might see more people paying attention to this crucial decision.

Here’s a short video below explaining it in greater detail

My Thoughts…
I will keep this short. I personally don’t agree with the ruling nor do I agree with calling in bomb threats neither. They must be a better way to protest a ruling than resorting to low-blow tactics.

So what do you think?
Do you care about net-neutrality? And what do you think about the ruling yesterday? Tell us in the comments…

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