Wealthy couple behind one of Britain’s biggest hospital parking firms made more than £500,000 in a year

PARKING MAD Hospital parking fatcats made £500k in one year thanks to scheme that sees NHS staff having to pay to park at work

UK Parking Control, whose clients also include shops, restaurants and hotels, have a reputation for ruthlessly perusing ‘offenders’

THE millionaire couple behind one of Britain’s biggest ‘rip-off’ parking firms raked in £500,000 between them in just one year.

The wealthy couple behind one of Britain’s biggest hospital parking firms have made more than £500,000 in a year.

Rupert and Amanda Williams enjoy a luxury lifestyle from UK Parking Control, whose parking charges have been called “immoral” by health unions.

Mr Williams, 49, made more than £332,253 in pay and perks last year – up £50,000 on 2016. Former director Amanda, 47, was paid £177,357 in dividends.

The couple, whose clients also include shops, restaurants and hotels, live in a £1.3million house in Bucks.

Mr Williams has had a string of luxury cars, including a classic Aston Martin DBS.

He launched UKPC in 2004 and has clocked up a series of directorships.

Latest company accounts show UKPC, which manages 2,000 car parks, had an £11.6million annual turnover, up from £10.1million, and profits of £586,000, up from £572,000.

The sums angered unions, whose low-paid members must fork out hundreds of pounds a year to park at the hospitals where they work.

Kevin Brandstatter, of the GMB union, said: “The fact a private company is making substantial profits from NHS staff trying to treat patients, and from those same patients and their ­visitors, is immoral.

“Many hospitals suffer from poor public transport links, leaving staff, patients and visitors with no option but to use their own vehicles. But it’s doubly sickening when the money raised ends up in private hands rather than benefitting the NHS.”

UKPC has a reputation for ruthlessly pursuing parking “offenders”.

Figures from the RAC reveal the firm bought 152,861 records from the DVLA for £2.50 a time last year so it could trace drivers.

Two years ago the firm had to ­apologise after it was revealed its wardens had doctored timestamps on pictures to penalise ­innocent drivers.

UKPC did not comment.

The British Parking Association, whose members include UKPC, said: “If [hospital] parking was free, the maintenance costs would have to come directly from healthcare budgets.”

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One thought on “Wealthy couple behind one of Britain’s biggest hospital parking firms made more than £500,000 in a year

  1. This guy and his wife are the dregs of humanity. The main problem though, is that The NHS has given car parking operations to them. Charging people to park where they work? What the hell has Britain come to? How much lower could it sink?
    Thank the powers that be in NHS for putting such an opportunity into the hands of these leeches.

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