Within weeks, Boris Johnson plans to abolish free lateral flow tests

Within weeks, Boris Johnson plans to abolish free lateral flow tests

The cost of free lateral flow tests is causing worry at Boris Johnson.

Free tests will only be offered in high-risk environments including care homes, hospitals, and schools.

“I don't think we can keep giving free lateral flow tests to everyone,” a senior Whitehall official told the Sunday Times.

“We may reduce testing, but we have the capacity to increase it if needed,” he said.

Abolishing the free tests would be "utterly wrongheaded", said Nicola Sturgeon last night.

“Hard to imagine much less helpful to attempting to ‘live with' Covid,” Ms Sturgeon tweeted.

Mr Streeting said: “It would be the wrong decision at the wrong moment. Testing is essential for infection control.

“The cost will also hurt households already struggling to make ends meet. It means no one will accept them. It's a pound foolish.”

In April, everyone in England, including those without symptoms, got the quick tests.

Mass testing has cost the taxpayer over £6 billion.

On Saturday, the UK registered over 150,000 Covid cases and 313 deaths.

After the US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, and Peru, the UK has reached 150,000 recorded deaths.

Despite Omicron's rise in infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths have not kept pace.

SPIRG member Dr. Mike Tildesley stated Omicron is “possibly the first ray of light” in this pandemic.

“In the future, you may see the birth of a new form that is less severe, and finally, Covid becomes endemic and you have a less severe version,” he told Times Radio. It's like the ordinary cold we've had for years.

“We're not quite there yet, but Omicron may be the first ray of hope for the longer future. It is, of course, more transmissible than Delta, but less severe.

“Hopefully, as we near spring and Omicron retreats, we can better understand living with Covid as an endemic disease and safeguarding the vulnerable.

“Any less severe variation is where we want to get in the long run.”

Cases in London are “slowing”, but scientists need two weeks to confirm.

“Most of the country is roughly two to three weeks behind London in terms of epidemic profile,” Dr Tildesley remarked.

“The North East and North West are particularly alarming — hospital admissions in those two regions are rising, as is the Midlands, where I live.”

Covid rates have fallen in over two thirds of London boroughs, indicating the wave of Omicron infections has crested.

The NHS discovered that Covid is causing 10,000 worker absences each day in London hospitals.