Young girl repeatedly calls woman a ‘f***ing s**g’ in shocking torrent of abuse

TERROR TOT PROBE Police ‘have spoken’ to little girl filmed calling woman a ‘f***ing slag’ and ‘Polish c***’ as victim claims kids also FLOODED her front room

The mum-of-two claimed she approached the parents to complain about the child’s behaviour but they told her to ‘f*** off’

POLICE have said they ‘have spoken’ to a little girl was filmed hurling racist abuse at a Lithuanian woman in Leeds.

The victim of the vile tirade has now also claimed the children pushed a hosepipe through her letterbox and FLOODED her front room.

The girl, whose age is unknown, shouts ‘f***ing b*****d’ from behind a gate before saying “I don’t f***ing care, do you understand?”

The child adds: “Your son has been mean to me,” adding “you f***ing s**g.

“I don’t care if you f***ing video me, you f***ing s**g.”

A group of children are playing behind the girl and at one point another child can be heard asking “are you ringing the police?”

The girl then shouts: “Stop f***ing videoing people you f***ing s**g. Do you want me to get in?”

A boy’s voice can be heard shouting back at her ‘you’re the one that’s a s**g’.

The little girl begins to climb over the gate to where the person filming is standing but one of the other children encourages her to get back down.

Shocked social media users were stunned to see the video saying ‘this kid’s mouth is disgusting’ and another commented: “I would make my child publicly apologise.”

Police say they are looking into the footage.

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Source More Details

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