Yvette Cooper returns to the shadow cabinet as shadow home secretary in the Labour reshuffle

Yvette Cooper returns to the shadow cabinet as shadow home secretary in the Labour reshuffle

In the wake of Sir Keir Starmer's extensive overhaul of the shadow cabinet, former minister Yvette Cooper has rejoined the Labour front bench.

Nick Thomas-Symonds will be replaced as shadow home secretary by Priti Patel, who formerly served as labour and pensions minister. In 2015, she was a member of the shadow cabinet.

It's going to be a lot of work, she tweeted. "The Home Office is failing miserably," one citizen said.

Ed Miliband has been stripped of his duties for business policy and will instead focus on climate and net zero, while Jonathan Reynolds has been promoted to shadow business secretary by Labour's leadership.
While Lisa Nandy shifts from shadow foreign secretary to shadow secretary of state for leveling-up, she is shadowed by Michael Gove as a former leadership contender.
Both Kate Green and Jonathan Ashworth have been replaced by Wes Streeting and Bridget Philipson, respectively. Work and pensions are Mr. Ashworth's new assignment.

International trade and culture will be overseen by Mr. Thomas-Symonds and Lucy Powell, respectively. Louise Haigh will take over Jim McMahon's former role as transportation secretary. Deputy Attorney General Emily Thornberry has been assigned to serve as a mentor for Attorney General Eric Holder.
Before, the Labour leader caused a rift with Angela Rayner by claiming he didn't contact her before delivering a major speech condemning government "corruption" in which she looked to be completely unaware of the upcoming overhaul of the party leadership.

Ms Rayner told reporters that she was unaware of the "details of any reshuffle" and appeared to criticise the plan, arguing that Labour required "some consistency in how we're treating things as an opposition".
Sir Keir and Ms Rayner are at loggerheads again, this time over Sir Keir's proposed relegation of Ms Rayner following the party's terrible Hartlepool by-election performance in May.
Reshuffle No. 2 for the year: Labour leader Ed Miliband unveiled a new cabinet on Monday, following weeks of sleaze allegations and tensions inside the Tory ranks over social care and rail infrastructure, as well as surveys showing that Boris Johnson's party is losing popularity.
After receiving an invitation from Sir Keir to remain as shadow minister for democracy, Cat Smith announced on Monday morning that she was resigning from the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn's current status as an independent MP is "utterly unsustainable," a retiring Labour MP warned in a stinging rebuke to the party's leadership.

Lord Falconer, the shadow attorney general, declared in a letter to Sir Keir that he was resigning from frontline politics as Labour turned its attacks on Conservative malfeasance.

Luke Pollard, who resigned from the shadow cabinet to devote more attention to his constituents, is among the other shadow cabinet members who have resigned.

I came back to frontline politics because I believe climate change is the greatest challenge we face," Mr Miliband said.

In order to achieve both climate justice and economic justice, we need a Labour administration with a dedicated department to decarbonize our economy and achieve both goals." "That's what I'll be in charge of."

However, the party's left reacted adversely to the reshuffle, which mainly promoted moderates and centrists. John McDonnell, a former shadow chancellor, said: "Reviving the careers of former Blairite ministers and simply reappointing current shadow cabinet ministers to new jobs does create the image of Christmas Past, not Christmas Future."

In contrast, Sir Keir described the Labour Party's new shadow cabinet as a "smaller, more focused group."